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EnvironCompass is a one-stop-shop for individuals, academic institutions, students, lawmakers, entrepreneurs, and various practitioners interested in mitigating the environmental problems currently plaguing the planet, as well as those that may arise in the future.

What we do

With YouTube as our primary channel, EnvironCompass equips all concerned with information, technology, and a myriad of tools that promote environmental sustainability.

We will also be making forays or brief excursions into Environment 101 for millennials and post-millennials, and recommend appropriate sources of information for further reference for interested parties.

The channel also offers robust information and guidance for entrepreneurs who would like to explore opportunities for gaining competitive advantage and driving profitability, while underpinning environmental sustainability efforts.

We will also keep track of the associated industrial activities that have sprung up due to these treaties and protocols.

EnvironCompass will also highlight the statistics provided by energy agencies (such as the IEA) on planetary energy production and use, and the associated projections of GHG emissions.

We will also be monitoring research institution activities, as these institutions endeavor to come up with solutions to contain environmental damage. All this effort will be geared towards providing guidance for the way forward in order to foster individual, group, and corporate engagement in the mitigation of global warming.

With regard to this, we know from the IPCC reports that the planet cannot afford a median global warming temperature of more than 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 (in fact, the international community has committed itself to a limit of 1.5-degree increase).

Past the 2-degree tipping point, the planet will start to self-destruct. We have the Kyoto Protocol and its sequel the Paris Agreement as frameworks to help the planet to achieve this.

We also have Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) agencies and a myriad of other activities to increase our chances of doing so.

1. How does all this tie up?

2. How accurate are our monitoring techniques?

3. Can we be sure that we are on target?

4. What additional activities/technologies can we adopt in order to ensure we do not overshoot this target?

5. And most importantly, how can this be achieved in a win-win manner?

Remember Professor Roger Pielke’s “Iron Law”? “When policies focused on economic growth confront policies focused on emissions reduction, it is economic growth that will win out every time”.

Look at President Macron’s carbon taxes as the latest example! Macron had to make a U-turn on the taxes due to protests by the “gilet jaunes” (yellow jackets).

In Germany, Angela Merkel has been forced to make concessions to the might of the German car industry and the country’s powerful coal mining interests by watering down Germany’s 2020 carbon targets! The US is pulling out of the Paris Agreement altogether.

So where does the foregoing leave us as we strive to stay below the 2-degree Celsius tipping point?

EnvironCompass takes on the significance of all this.