Hello, we are EnvironCompass!

At EnvironCompass, our primary goal is to tackle climate change, enhance public health, and alleviate rural poverty by working with smallholder farmers locally in Zambia. We train communities in the creation of biochar and we hope to help them in the near future to generate c-sink credits, putting more money back into their hands while making a global impact.



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What motivates us?

In the beginning I was searching for a way to stay healthy and fit for my own personal well being. But then, everything changed!


Change lives

Being able to radically change people's lives for the better is the true motivator behind everything I do.


Step by step

I started out by simply convincing people, one by one, to join me for daily open workouts in the park.


Awesome results

Seeing so many inspiring stories of normal people just like you and me, that have gone trough the program.

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Success stories

People like you! Real results, spectacular changes. See what others have to say about their experience with our coaching service.

"The best decision of my life! Started the program almost a year ago and the progress I made is mind blowing!"

Bright Kapamulomo

Software Engineer / Farmer

"Never thought I could loose so much weight and still keep a healthy balanced overall health. Amazing!"

Shanon Price


"Thomas made things that seemed impossible to achieve look easy. I am very grateful to him and his team!"

Claudia Page